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Designed by Investor, Businessman, and Self-Help author Robert Kiyosaki, Cashflow 101 is the first of several games created by Robert Kiyosaki to help reinforce the information in his books,  Rich Dad Poor Dad. Cashflow 101 consists of 2 main objective, “Get out of the Rat Race” and onto the “Fast Track”.


This board has two tracks: A “Rat Race” small circle where you only roll one die to advance, and a “Fast Track” where you roll two dice to advance. In the Rat Race you get paid for passing your Paycheck space, and then draw from one of four decks of cards depending on which space you’ve landed. Some of the deals are good, others are bad. Your main problem here is a shortage of cash. While in the Fast Track your main problem is an excess of cash and finding investments to sink it into before you lose it due lawsuits, divorce or tax audits.

# Players : 2 – 6 Players
( Best : 4 Players )
Time Required : approximately 2 – 3 hours
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Objective 01 – “Get out of the Rat Race”

  • Every player starts with randomly drawing a profession card.
    Professions consists of: Teacher, Engineer, Mechanic, Business Manager, Secretary, Lawyer, Nurse, Janitor, Police Officer, Airline Pilot, Truck Driver and Doctor (MD).

  • After all the players gotten their profession card, they will need to copy their information (income, expenses, assets and liabilities) to their income statement.

  • Each players starts in the “Rat Race”, the small wheel in the middle of the board on the throw of one(1) die and landing on various strips.

  • As each player takes their turn, they will land on one of the following strips: Opportunity, Doodads, Charity, Pay Check, The Market, Baby or Downsized.

  • With each turn, every player will have the opportunity to make decisions and each decision will impact your income statement.  With each decision, every player will update their financial statement and the neighbor player will need to ensure that it is correct.

  • Each players will continue on the “Rat Race” wheel until one whose able to grow his/her passive income over his/her own expenses, only then he/she is allow to jump to the “Fast Track”.


Objective 02 – “Fast Track”

  • Once a player is able to build up his/her passive income more than his/her own expenses, his/her get out of the “Rat Race” and onto the “Fast Track” which the track outside of the “Rat Race” wheel.

  • With each turn, the player will have the opportunity to increase his/her passive income and land on your dream.  The first person to either land on their dream or achieve $50,000 in passive income is the winner.

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